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Proof That Fútbol Is ‘A Beautiful Game’

Here’s your proof– it made it as a full exhibit at LACMA. Thanks to the free tickets, I was able to take these pics.

Kehinde Wiley 'Samuel Eto'o', 2010
Kehinde Wiley
‘Samuel Eto’o’, 2010
Andy Warhol 'Pele', 1978
Andy Warhol
‘Pele’, 1978
Hulk v Red Ranger
Nelson Leirner ‘Maracaña’, 2003 Hulk v Red Ranger–epic.
Diamonds + platinum = ballin'
Satch Hoyt, ‘Kick That’, 2006 Diamonds + platinum = ballin’

Let’s Buy the Los Angeles Clippers (VIDEO)

I’ll let the video do the heavy lifting. (Side note: I know one of these guys and he’s completely serious– I think.)

Wait for the Kickstarter…