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A stream of consciousness from writer/artist, C.C. Long

Writer/Artist, C.C. (Charles) Long  gave us two options for a bio– might as well go for the long version.

All morning I’ve been working on a portrait of a friend’s daughter– it’s a complete failure. 


Currently, I am being published in serial form by JukePop Serials on-line, The Archer’s Arrows; an urban-noir novel and a collection of editorials written for Flux Magazine, a British Arts Magazine; Our Man In Manhattan, is available on Amazon.

I had a poem published in Words Fly Away, published by the University of California about the tragedy at Fukushima. I have to paint three birds that I’ve sold, but haven’t painted yet.


I have two screenplays that are in pre-production with Chesapeake Films: Poe, and Future King. And I’m writing scripts for the Apple App: The Can Do Network. Recently, I wrote the column for Chin Magazine, Onion Soup. I painted ashtrays, some good– some were not.

Have had short stories published in many literary magazines. I am painting a six foot by eight foot sunflower and failing miserably. Plays: Actors Studio produced The Monastery, for the Performing Arts, and Santa Fe, by Jon Christopher Bua off-off Broadway. Poems published in Manna, Driftwood Review, and The Breadbasket. Have a letter from Andy Warhol telling me he loved my work. As an artist, I have shown in over 100 one man and group shows worldwide.


While writing this I have suddenly forgot how to write, paint and maybe walk, I’m too afraid to stand-up.

Hope All Is Well,

-C.C. Long

For more information on C.C. Long, his art, and his stories; visit his website, read his screenplay, and view his books on Amazon.

Special thanks to Charles for sharing.


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She’s Gotta Have It: 10 Paintings Inspired By Women & Pop Culture

Well-traveled artist, music exec, and producer, Otha “Vakseen” Davis III, shares with us his love of women, identity, and popular culture in these ten paintings. 

Otha %5C%22Vakseen%5C%22 Davis III-She%27s Gotta Have It 48x36%5C%22 %28Oil x Acrylic%29 2014
“She’s Gotta Have It”

I’m invigorated by women, popular culture and the value of self.

Otha %5C%22Vakseen%5C%22 Davis III-Ribbon In Her Eyes 24x18%5C%22 %28Acrylic%29 2014
“Ribbon In Her Eyes”
Otha %5C%22Vakseen%5C%22 Davis III-Crock Tearz 40x30%5C%22 %28Acrylic%29 2014
“Crock Tearz”
Otha %5C%22Vakseen%5C%22 Davis III-Eyes Wide 40x30%5C%22 %28Oil x Acrylic%29 2014
“Eyes Wide”

My paintings deal with the theme of female identity and evolve around society’s idolization of beauty…

Otha %5C%22Vakseen%5C%22 Davis III-Gaudy Me 48x36%5C%22 %28Acrylic%29 2014
“Gaudy Me”
Otha %5C%22Vakseen%5C%22 Davis III-Lecherous Tastes 40x30%5C%22 %28Acrylic%29 2014
“Lecherous Tastes”
Otha %5C%22Vakseen%5C%22 Davis III-Brilliant Dope 21x21%5C%22 %28Acrylic%29 2014-1
“Brilliant Dope”

The enhancements women endure to obtain this level of “perfection”…

Otha %5C%22Vakseen%5C%22 Davis III-Madam Renaissance 40x30%5C%22 %28Acrylic%29 2014
“Madam Renaissance”
Otha %5C%22Vakseen%5C%22 Davis III-Open Virtue 48x36%5C%22 %28Acrylic%2C Pencil%29 2014
“Open Virtue”
Otha %5C%22Vakseen%5C%22 Davis III-Tainted Lusts 40x30%5C%22 %28Acrylic x Color Pencil%29 2014
“Tainted Lusts”

And the impact this has on the female species. 

If you want to see more from Vakseen; visit his website and tumblr, follow him on twitter, and find him on IG. Oh, and don’t forget Facebook.
Special thanks to Vakseen for sharing.
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Psychedelic R&B (Without The Acid) [Listen]

What is Psychedelic R&B, exactly? Just listen to 19 year old Los Angeles artist, Adrey.

Picture 21

If you want to hear more from  Adrey, visit his soundcloud, find him on IG, or follow on Twitter. And look out for his upcoming project: Sapiosexual.

Special thanks to Dre for sharing.

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Hear The Sounds of New Jersey’s Identical Duo

A message came in from Tru Fam— a hip-hop/alternative duo from New Jersey who wanted to share their latest music video with us. Well guys, you got it! The video, “Special” featuring Alecs, is trippy, but you’re not seeing double– they’re identical twins. So, here it is–their words, their story, their sound.

Picture 13

This music video is a dark /twist talking about some problems in relationships .

Picture 8

We all want to be treated equally in a relationship, so sometimes we have to remind our partner that they’re not so special.

Picture 9

So take a deep dive in this video and feel the words and passion.

Tru Fam

1b2f40_4c214f7eb53a4bb4b65bc21bdda39f79.jpg_srz_960_654_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzBio: Identical twins,  Sha and Just- I from New Jersey found motivation in their chemistry as brothers, best friends and their closest critics. “It’s pretty much a given. We know what one another might want on a record without saying a word.” When they began making their own music they incorporated an Unique twist, of performing  songs first and then recording. This way the music could be built with feeling. Tru Fam tunes reach beyond the normal beats and intricacies. They're all about making records that the masses wanna hear and that has always been their goal. Tru Fam looks at the bigger picture and prides themselves on not just being another group on I Tunes. It’s a complex art, but the end objective is simple: “build a really solid fan base, who simply believes in our music and our brand ULTRACULTURE.”

If you want to hear more from Tru Fam, check out their website, like them on Facebook, or follow them on Twitter. (Or all 3, ha!)

Special thanks to Tru Fam for sharing.

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