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How to price your work without guessing.

A number of people have asked how to price their work. As artists, it’s important to understand the business side of the process, not just the creative. Below are tips on how to price your work. No more guessing!

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Factor in cost of materials.

Let’s face it, materials ain’t cheap. Factor in the cost of your materials when pricing your work. This includes equipment, permits, and anything you need to get the job done. Keep every receipt. You’ll need them come tax season.

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Time is money.

Nine-to-Fivers get paid for their time, so should you. Some artists give themselves an hourly rate or day rate. You can visit sites like What Is My Day Rate to help calculate your rate, and Glassdoor to see what the average range is for creatives in your area. And remember, the more seasoned you are, the more you can charge for your time.

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Every inch matters.

Some artists charge for the size of their pieces. Just like buildings are calculated by price per square foot, a painter may charge by price per square inch of canvas.

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Don’t forget packaging & shipping.

Unless your work is distributed digitally––and even then there could be charges––you should plan for the cost of packaging and shipping upfront. This can be worked into your total price, or can be paid by your patron or client as an additional fee. If the latter, make sure that’s agreed upon upfront.

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Combos work well.

Don’t be afraid to combine methods. If you’re a photographer, charge for time AND equipment. If you’re a muralist, charge by price per square foot AND materials. Use any combination that fits the needs of you and your business.

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Promise you’ll make a contract.

Before you start a job, write up a contract. Even if it’s just for a family member or friend, it’s important to get expectations down on paper. That way you have a guide as to what both sides expect in the transaction.

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Ask for what you want.

Remember, at the end of the day, you have the right to set the prices you want. If you’re a graphic designer and want to charge $1,000 for a logo, charge $1,000 for a logo. If you have the right audience that sees your value and professionalism, they will pay for your work.

There are many ways you can price your work. This list was just to get your wheels turning.

Keep creating!

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I just booked & shared a studio. And it was amazing.

Yesterday I spent the day working out of Saymo Collective in Cleveland. Kevin was an amazing studio host. After booking on (shameless plug) I arrived at his studio with my art box and sketchpad in hand. I didn’t completely know what to expect, but as soon as I stepped in, I knew I found a special place to create. 

Kevin had my workstation all set up–a large table by the window with plenty of natural light, spray bottle and paper towels (working in charcoal gets a little messy), and a bottle of evian (fancy 😉 ).

The music was perfect for getting in the zone. We started creating…


Mark Your Calendar: Swaggerless Pop-up Art Show 2/20/16

Over a dozen underground and emerging artists from around the world will showcase their hottest work under one roof at the Swaggerless Pop-up Art Show; Saturday, February 20th 2016 at Gallery 38 in Los Angeles. Admission is free and the event is open to the public. Exhibited artwork is for sale.  See Facebook event page here>

The Swaggerless Pop-up Art Show offers buyers, collectors, and guests an eclectic mix of styles and mediums, from fine illustrations, paintings, and photography, to digital art, mixed-media, printmaking, and more. Notable artists include tapestry designer, Keith Collins, who has created custom works for Michael Jackson, LeBron James, Odell Beckham Jr, Enzo Ferrari, and Floyd Mayweather, Jr. among others, and Brooklyn creative, Christian Jackson, who has written and directed videos for A$AP Rocky, Dos Equis, and more. The pop-up will also include live music and DJ performances.

Works by:  Buenos Aires analogue and digital collage artist, Ignacio Rivas; Barcelona-based fine art illustrators and designers, David Pugliese and Jésica Cichero; San Francisco mixed media abstract artist and painter, Seren Moran; Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina collage artist, Knut van Brijs; Los Angeles photographer, LA Fotografa; Brooklyn based writer, director, photographer, and illustrator, Christian Jackson; Los Angeles based optical illusion painter, Vakseen; Philadelphia based artist and designer, Billy Abstract; Los Angeles based designer tapestry artist, Keith Collins; and more.

Swaggerless Pop-up Art Show
Saturday, February 20th 2016 | 2pm-10pm.
Gallery 38:  5376 W. Adams Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90016

Add to Facebook calendar> 

Sneak peek at Entusiasta Gallery’s First Art Toy

They said they were going to do it—and they did. Argentine artists and founders of Entusisasta Gallery, David Pugliese and Jésica Cichero, will release their first art toy, the pirate Milbatallas, July 11th at the MuHu Museo del Humor in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The idea for the art toy Milbatallas, meaning “thousand battles” in Spanish, popped into illustrator David Pugliese’s mind a few years ago with a sketch. Like any avid fan of collectable figures, when the opportunity arose to make an art toy, he couldn’t pass it up. After teaming up with sculptor Pablo S. Sapia, they created the first edition of 20 copies casted in resin, bringing his dream to life.

1st edition of 20 copies, hand sculpted and casted in resin.
1st edition of 20 copies.
Hand sculpted and casted in resin.



Sculpted with personality.
Sculpted with personality.

The official presentation of the art toy will be on July 11th 2015 at 4.30 pm at the MuHu Museo del Humor, placed in the old Münich brewery’s building at  Av. de los Italianos 851, Puerto Madero, C.A.B.A., Buenos Aires, Argentina. Event guests include illustrator Jeremias Janikow and renowned comic artist, Enrique Alcatena. For those not in Argentina, the pirate Milbatallas is available by e-mail orders at

So, what can we learn from this? 1. Kidrobot is not the only art toy on the planet. 2. More importantly, don’t just dream it—do it.

For more information about the art toy Milbatallas, please visit

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I have no ambition to be mainstream: Uncovering the layers of artist Knut van Brijs

A message came in from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina by artist Knut van Brijs. He shares his story and point of view through layers of collage.

Making collages, I get a chance to play with decontextualization by breaking common patterns.

Steampunk Kathrina

My art makes a statement by creating different points of view on many social or personal issues in my environment.

Clarissa on my mind

Experimenting with materials takes me on many visual adventures inspired by spontaneous brainstorming and Dada art.

Mind stalker

Each collage tells a different story, often as a social and artistic critique of the zeitgeist.


My art lives in the shadows.

Narcissa 001

I have no ambition to be mainstream. I am an underground rat eating the mainstream, choking and provoking the bourgeoisie.

– Knut van Brijs

To see more work and learn more about Knut van Brijs, find him on Behance.
Special thanks to Knut van Brijs for sharing.


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“Mama, I made it!” Top 5 Most Swaggerless Artists of 2014

Happy New Year and thank you for showing love to Swaggerless and strugglin’ artists everywhere during our first year. Thanks to your support, 2014 has brought over 11 thousand visitors from 87 countries, and featured articles and bios from a ton of talented artists, musicians, photographers, painters, directors, and everything in between– it’s been one hell of a year. Here are our TOP 5 MOST SWAGGERLESS ARTISTS of 2014.

This Swaggerless bunch had the most hits on in 2014. Congrats! You can now give yourselves a pat on the back.

5. Photographer, Unorthodox Genius


Cameraman Marceu Lewis, aka Unorthodox Genius, views things in the most unusual and “unorthodox” ways. [VIEW]

 4. Hip-hop Artist, Airospace


DC artist, Airospace makes music for defective humans and obsolete robots. [LISTEN]

 3. Argentine Artist, Estela Cuadro


Painter and Illustrator, Estela Cuadro shares her world from Buenos Aires. [VIEW]

 2. EDM Duo, Eion and Kendra


2014 SXSW performers, Eion and Kendra share their epic tunes. [WATCH]

1. MOST SWAGGERLESS 2014: SoCal Band, Thieves & Lovers


Southern California band, Thieves & Lovers will steal your heart. [LISTEN]

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