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We Decided Not To Wait For Anyone To Hire Us To Do The Work We Love

Meet Jésica Cichero and David Pugliese, the husband & wife team and creative geniuses behind Entusiasta Gallery out of Argentina. Their story includes that of love for their craft, caricature, and of course–each other. I’ll let them tell the rest…


“Here is our simple story:
As drawing artists and graphic designers we decided not to wait for anyone to hire us to do the work we love. With more than 10 years of experience we wondered what would happen if the design and communication tools were at the service of our passions: the art of drawing and caricature.
As we couldn’t choose only one graphic way to do things, we concluded that we should make a gallery of projects, allowing us to do anything we could think of under one single identity.
That’s how we created Entusiasta Gallery, where we use all we got to put our ideas out there; where good drawing, painting and caricature have a privileged place together with design and good taste.
Before Entusiasta, our first big project which also encouraged us to seriously work together, was the book “David Pugliese Caricaturas”. We made it just how we liked it, and it got published in Greece by Cartoon Ark.


But our first project with Entusiasta Gallery was creating a web series called “HEROES : illustrated by David Pugliese”.

Chapter 4 of the 1st season, dedicated to Lon Chaney.

For HEROES, we colaborated together with Proyecto Erizo by film director and friend Emanuel Pascual, who is also a graphic humorist.


Now we are making “Entrega Especial” (Special Delivery), a weekly project which offers very special characters for everyone to enjoy.
We have plans to do more posters and books. But what is coming very soon is one of our dreams come true: an Art Toy. Just stay tuned.”
 -Jésica Cichero and David Pugliese
To see more work from Jésica Cichero and David Pugliese, visit www.entusiastagallery.com


Special thanks to Jésica and David for sharing.


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I write for that kid with headphones on who’s failing school [Listen]

Ann Arbor rapper, MR:B, shares music off his new album, Metropolis; inspired by the Fritz Lang classic and the anime remake– the man has good taste.


My name is MR:B hailing from Ann Arbor, MI. I’ve been a rapper/producer for 4 years.


I write for that kid with headphones on who’s failing school.


I speak for the kids living in trailer parks and smoking too much weed hoping they don’t die check to check.


My sound is one closely knit with rusty hip-hop, that raw, dusty vinyl, of hand crafted instrumentals.


Shout out to Airo, Cauz, and to you for downloading my mixtape…right?
To hear more music from MR:B,  visit his Soundcloud and like him on Facebook.


Special thanks to MR:B for sharing.


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Art Of The World: Collage Arte from Argentina [Ignacio Rivas]

Argentine artist, Ignacio Rivas,  shares his “collage arte” with us all the way from Buenos Aires; traveling thousands of miles (or kilometers), minus the jet lag– it was well worth the “cyberspace” trip. Enjoy!

Hi! Mi name is Ignacio Rivas. Im a visual artist from Argentina, Buenos Aires and I want to share my collage arte with you.

-Ignacio Rivas
















Ignacio Rivas defines himself as an “Artist by accident”. He was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1989. His work is varied, and now he is working with manual and digital Collage. 
To see more art from Ignacio Rivas,  visit his Behance, find him on Tumblr, and follow him on Twitter and Facebook.


Special thanks to Ignacio for sharing.


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New Music by Lucid Optics Sums Up Life In A Nutshell [Listen]

His album is, Life In A Nutshell. So is his bio…

I’m Lucid Optics. I write, record, produce, mix, and master indie rap. I’d rather not ramble so here’s some music.
-Lucid Optics


(L to R) Airospace and Lucid Optics. They look like strangers but...
(L to R) Airospace and Lucid Optics. All love.
To hear more from Lucid Optics, find him on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Bandcamp, and Bigcartel.

Special thanks to Lucid Optics for sharing.


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Music for defective humans & obsolete robots [Listen]

Just listen…

My name is Airospace and I’m a 23 year old hip hop artist from Washington, D.C. 


To learn more about Airospace and hear more of his music, visit his Soundcloud and Bandcamp, and follow him on Tumblr and Facebook .

Special thanks to Airospace for sharing.


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Goldilocks and The Three Bears of Business

You get the anticipated callback and that’s when the questions come firing in; “So, why are you applying for this position? You seem too___.”

Yep, it’s the corporate version of Goldilocks and The Three Bears– this one’s too senior, this one’s too junior, this one’s just right (if you’re lucky).

You would think someone overqualified would go in there like a badass and do an extra damn good job, right? But, HR probably figures you’ll leave once a “higher calling” comes a-callin’– which is most likely true.

Flip the script– now you’re “too junior” (code for, “this person ain’t worked a day in their life”– at least, not at this level).  In this case you would think someone junior would go in bright eyed, energized, and eager to learn, right? Not to mention flexin’ their innate knack for social media (because that’s what we do). But, HR probably sees it as too risky; we rather go with what we know– better safe than sorry!

Now, this time you’re that sweet spot in the middle– not too senior, not too junior– juuust right.

The end.

Wait a minute– there’s a part II. And in this chapter, you’re the Goldilocks making all the decisions around here (well, kinda). We have the responsibility of also choosing which company/employer is the right fit for us. Too stuffy? Stuff it. Too snobby? Slash it. Too geeky? Well, if that’s what you like– then go for it Goldilocks.


A Struggling Artist’s Perspective: The Story of Running Bear

Artist and entrepreneur, Kacey Atreyu Lee Running Bear (also-known-as RNDM: pronounced, “random”) shares his art, his life, and his hustle.

My name is Kacey Atreyu Lee Running Bear; I grew up in most of South Central Los Angeles, but my home town is Hawthorne California–home of The Beach Boys, good vibes, and south bay area culture.


Being a youth from a bay city, I immersed myself heavily into skate culture and the underground music scene, acquiring a taste for spoken word, indie rock, punk, and rap music myself. It was this, that sparked my recording under the moniker, “Deadbeat, The Heretic”.

boorender copy

Some of my projects included talented minds like Jack Mushroom of Odd Future. We had a few friends in common, and he asked me to do some artwork for him. He was a fan of my art page, and had followed my art for some time. He asked me to use his love for his stuffed elephant, demonic-like subculture, and Odd Future association, as inspiration for the piece–and what transpired, was something truly magical.

Jack Mushroom of Odd future

I also hope to spread my love of art with the world. And hopefully this gives a little insight as to who I am, what I’m about, and provides a stimulating story, in which you could maybe gather a little inspiration from. And maybe see a point of view, from a struggling artist’s perspective.

– K.A Running Bear

To learn more about Kacey Atreyu Lee Running Bear,  download his full biography and visit his Facebook fan page.

Special thanks to Kacey for sharing.


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