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“INVISIBLE” | A Short Film by Christian Jackson [Watch]

Because stories are meant to be shared– a film by writer/director/storyteller Christian Jackson.

INVISIBLE is a glimpse into the life of a homeless man who teeters between his reality and society’s.


INVISIBLE from Christian Jackson on Vimeo.

Christian Jackson is a storyteller. 

He honed his skills working in advertising where he wrote TV commercials and copy for other media before realizing his passion for film. Now he writes films, commercials, short stories, books, and captions for his Instagram photos all while directing commercials and playful films that will bring a little smile to your face. 

Just a little one. 

For more story time with Christian Jackson, visit his portfolio and follow him on Instagram.

Special thanks to Christian for sharing.

Music for defective humans & obsolete robots [Listen]

Just listen…

My name is Airospace and I’m a 23 year old hip hop artist from Washington, D.C. 


To learn more about Airospace and hear more of his music, visit his Soundcloud and Bandcamp, and follow him on Tumblr and Facebook .

Special thanks to Airospace for sharing.


Halloween music that’s not ‘Thriller’ [Listen]

For those of you interested in listening to something other than ‘Thriller’ and ‘Monster Mash’ this Halloween, check out Ice Cream Fire (Tim Kelly & Jackie Haydamacha), a pop/hiphop duo out of Los Angeles. It’s okay– change is scary.

Small world…
We really liked your recent write-up on Eion & Kendra. Eion actually produced our EP ‘Burn It Down‘ as well as our new song, “Last of Us” that we released today for Halloween. We hope you dig it.
-Ice Cream Fire

To hear more from Ice Cream Fire, follow them on Twitter, like them on Facebook, and visit their soundcloud.

Thanks to Ice Cream Fire for sharing.

Happy Halloween

It’s Monday, Time to F@#k Sh*t Up

Today, you’re challenged to do something new. Something out of the box (whatever that may be). Something out of YOUR ordinary. Because what better way to start off the week then with a little turbulence to keep you on your toes. And if things happen to go awry, well– you have the rest of the week to make up for it.

Happy Monday

New Music From Electro Pop Punk Duo Backed by Synths, a Beat & . . . a Gameboy [Listen]

The 2013 RAW Indie Artist of the Year and 2014 SXSW performers share their new music video, Timeless, which dropped today. Ladies and gentlemen, Eion and Kendra.

Eion and Kendra are two friends that met in college with a dream and that dream is to continue living the dream, deliver epic tunes, and put on a fun live show. A brand new band but already making moves first winning RAW Indie Artist of the year 2013, playing Red Gorilla and Fuel Our Fire showcases at SxSw 2014, and releasing their first single "Get Real".

They’re not done yet– Eion (Ian Moore) is also a director.

If you love EDM life and want to hear more from  Eion and Kendra, visit their soundcloud, like them on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter and IG. Oh, and YouTube… *phew!

Special thanks to Eion and Kendra for sharing.

Goldilocks and The Three Bears of Business

You get the anticipated callback and that’s when the questions come firing in; “So, why are you applying for this position? You seem too___.”

Yep, it’s the corporate version of Goldilocks and The Three Bears– this one’s too senior, this one’s too junior, this one’s just right (if you’re lucky).

You would think someone overqualified would go in there like a badass and do an extra damn good job, right? But, HR probably figures you’ll leave once a “higher calling” comes a-callin’– which is most likely true.

Flip the script– now you’re “too junior” (code for, “this person ain’t worked a day in their life”– at least, not at this level).  In this case you would think someone junior would go in bright eyed, energized, and eager to learn, right? Not to mention flexin’ their innate knack for social media (because that’s what we do). But, HR probably sees it as too risky; we rather go with what we know– better safe than sorry!

Now, this time you’re that sweet spot in the middle– not too senior, not too junior– juuust right.

The end.

Wait a minute– there’s a part II. And in this chapter, you’re the Goldilocks making all the decisions around here (well, kinda). We have the responsibility of also choosing which company/employer is the right fit for us. Too stuffy? Stuff it. Too snobby? Slash it. Too geeky? Well, if that’s what you like– then go for it Goldilocks.