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Music That Will Bring You HEALing [LISTEN]

Do you believe in the healing power of music? L.A. based duo “Heal” shares their rich ambient sound and three simple letters–Pls. Could it be, “People Love Swaggerless”… “please!?”

“Pls…” (It’s left to open interpretation)


To hear more music from Heal, find them on Facebook  and Soundcloud.
Special thanks to Heal for sharing the soothing tunes. And if you figure out what “Pls” means, drop a comment below.


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Notes of an Artistic Mad Man: Art & Violence

Above: Clint Eastwood watercolor by Becky Cooke.

…In some ways art and violence might seem to be polar opposites but they are really joined at the hip; both the representation of violence in art and violence towards it; from cave paintings depicting the slaughter of animals to the blowing up of the world’s largest carved Buddha’s in the Hindu-Kush Mountains by Islam extremists on March 11 of 2001 six months before the destruction of the World Trade Towers, a foreshadowing that can’t be ignored, but I digress. First, in the current art violence continuum is the recent brouhaha stirred by the movie, American Sniper, depicting the real life sniper who had the most kills in American history. In a statement not mentioning the movie but found guilty by association, Michael Moore bemoaned the place of the sniper in warfare as being a cowardly act, drawing from the death of his uncle who had been killed by one.

My uncle killed by sniper in WW2. We were taught snipers were cowards. Will shoot u in the back. Snipers aren’t heroes. And invaders r worse

— Michael Moore (@MMFlint) January 18, 2015

The outrage that followed by Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich and Fox Network was predictable. First thing I have to say on the subject is, I love Clint Eastwood from the Spaghetti Westerns to Dirty Harry to even the heartbreaking El Camino. Clint has made his bacon on violence, big violence, excruciating violence. I mean so much violence that when he gave his infamous GOP convention speech talking to a chair I thought it would have been way more interesting if he had pulled out his .45 Magnum and shot the shit out of chair turning it to splinters. I’m quite sure the GOP would have jumped up in great applause and the NRA branch of the GOP would have gushed in tears of inspiration. That brings us back to American Sniper and the argument about violence and who is more cowardly or heroic in the brutal violence of war. Calling snipers cowards or heroes to me is a non-starter, if they are indeed cowardly because of the anonymous aspect of their violence then what are pilots who drop bombs, people who plant IEDs or soldiers who program drones? These are questions that brighter minds might be able to answer but historically it has proven to be a question without an answer. One thing I do believe is the real cowards are the politicians, leaders, mullahs, sheiks, kings, oligarchs and various media groups who direct, order and cheer soldiers on to war but when they come home leave them homeless, mentally unstable, suicidal, poor with no where to turn, made basically refugees in the country they fought for and then ignored by the same people who send them off to war in glorious spectacles…

…The other evil that dragged the artistic and creative mind into the fomenting violence in the world was the massacre at Charlie in Paris by extreme jihadists. It was sickening, who knew that drawing a caricature might lead to the deaths of innocents but now we know: parody can kill. What I don’t understand is that the violence is coming directly from religious people who are trying to protect their God and it has been happening since the beginning of time. What confounds me is who is deciding that Gods need humans to fight for them? What God worth anything needs the help of humans? I mean aren’t Gods all and everything. My thought is any God who needs humans to fight for them isn’t much of a God.   They’re Gods for Gods sake let them fight their own battles…

-C.C. Long


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We Decided Not To Wait For Anyone To Hire Us To Do The Work We Love

Meet Jésica Cichero and David Pugliese, the husband & wife team and creative geniuses behind Entusiasta Gallery out of Argentina. Their story includes that of love for their craft, caricature, and of course–each other. I’ll let them tell the rest…


“Here is our simple story:
As drawing artists and graphic designers we decided not to wait for anyone to hire us to do the work we love. With more than 10 years of experience we wondered what would happen if the design and communication tools were at the service of our passions: the art of drawing and caricature.
As we couldn’t choose only one graphic way to do things, we concluded that we should make a gallery of projects, allowing us to do anything we could think of under one single identity.
That’s how we created Entusiasta Gallery, where we use all we got to put our ideas out there; where good drawing, painting and caricature have a privileged place together with design and good taste.
Before Entusiasta, our first big project which also encouraged us to seriously work together, was the book “David Pugliese Caricaturas”. We made it just how we liked it, and it got published in Greece by Cartoon Ark.


But our first project with Entusiasta Gallery was creating a web series called “HEROES : illustrated by David Pugliese”.

Chapter 4 of the 1st season, dedicated to Lon Chaney.

For HEROES, we colaborated together with Proyecto Erizo by film director and friend Emanuel Pascual, who is also a graphic humorist.


Now we are making “Entrega Especial” (Special Delivery), a weekly project which offers very special characters for everyone to enjoy.
We have plans to do more posters and books. But what is coming very soon is one of our dreams come true: an Art Toy. Just stay tuned.”
 -Jésica Cichero and David Pugliese
To see more work from Jésica Cichero and David Pugliese, visit


Special thanks to Jésica and David for sharing.


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Day x Day Tour 2015: Featuring Cauzndefx, Lucid Optics & Airospace [Jan 28- Feb 6]

blank flier-1
dayxday_swaggerlessCatch the Day X Day Tour 2015 featuring Cauzndefx, Lucid Optics, and Airospace, January 28th- February 6th.

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Notes of an Artistic Mad Man: Art & The New Year

Above: Turner show, 'Painting Set Free', at Tate Museum in London.

Photo credit: Penny Lee

…Art and the New Year 2015…. It’s over – the whole North Korean sabotaging of Sony and The Interview drama that we have all had the pleasure of witnessing; along with the mighty Hollywood industry looking like children in their attempt to deal with damage control. George Clooney tried to come to the rescue with a cry of “not letting this happen on our watch” and then stepping up to create a letter that he wanted to be signed by other film execs to stop Sony from pulling the bad-fart movie from the theaters, but nobody signed it. It seems the movie biz execs knew quite well that you couldn’t buy this type of promotional fanfare that would make a real bad movie a box office moneymaker as it did. So all the Presidential “wish you didn’t do that” platitudes and the furor over First Amendment Rights were all for not, when really all it was about was money. So much money that promotional people at other movie studios are looking for other rogue nations to pick up the slack for their really bad movies…

…Looking out at over the open plain of the up-coming New Year I’m sure there are going to be more things that inspire than there will be to depress. I am calling this New Year the Year of Turner, the late great British Painter is not only being celebrated with a show, Painting Set Free, at the Tate in London that will travel to the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles in February and then take the trip up the I-5 to the de Young Museum in San Francisco in June. It is a must see show of a man who was intimate with light and water and might be the harbinger of abstract art. He is also being featured in a movie by another British Artist/Film maker, Mike Leigh, entitled, Mr. Turner that is being well reviewed and was a hit at Cannes. Although its been critically acclaimed it does fall into the trap of using just the the artist’s name in the title like so many artist-bio genre films, including Caravaggio, Pollack, Basquiat, Klimt, Camille Claudet, Modigliani and Frida to name a few. They are all very good films about seminal artists so why fix something that isn’t broke. See them all in the New Year, they don’t disappoint. …


…A couple of other exciting happenings in the art world in 2015 including the opening of the new Whitney in April. The often referred to mediocre modern art museum tries to flex some muscle by pounding some sides of beef in the meat packing district in Manhattan with a design by Renzo Piano. Then in London an interesting show in February at the Hayward Gallery, History is Now: 7 Artists Take On Britain, with seven modern artists: John Akomfrah, Simon Fujiwara, Roger Hiorns, Hannah Starkey, Richard Wentworth and Jane & Louise Wilson each curate a section and a viewpoint of British Art history. And finally at the Philadelphia Museum of Art the most interesting show of the New Year: 200 years of African-American Art that highlights over one hundred African-American Artist and their place in art history in America. Just a few things to look forward to and enjoy in the New Year. Have a good one…

-C.C. Long


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“Mama, I made it!” Top 5 Most Swaggerless Artists of 2014

Happy New Year and thank you for showing love to Swaggerless and strugglin’ artists everywhere during our first year. Thanks to your support, 2014 has brought over 11 thousand visitors from 87 countries, and featured articles and bios from a ton of talented artists, musicians, photographers, painters, directors, and everything in between– it’s been one hell of a year. Here are our TOP 5 MOST SWAGGERLESS ARTISTS of 2014.

This Swaggerless bunch had the most hits on in 2014. Congrats! You can now give yourselves a pat on the back.

5. Photographer, Unorthodox Genius


Cameraman Marceu Lewis, aka Unorthodox Genius, views things in the most unusual and “unorthodox” ways. [VIEW]

 4. Hip-hop Artist, Airospace


DC artist, Airospace makes music for defective humans and obsolete robots. [LISTEN]

 3. Argentine Artist, Estela Cuadro


Painter and Illustrator, Estela Cuadro shares her world from Buenos Aires. [VIEW]

 2. EDM Duo, Eion and Kendra


2014 SXSW performers, Eion and Kendra share their epic tunes. [WATCH]

1. MOST SWAGGERLESS 2014: SoCal Band, Thieves & Lovers


Southern California band, Thieves & Lovers will steal your heart. [LISTEN]

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I write for that kid with headphones on who’s failing school [Listen]

Ann Arbor rapper, MR:B, shares music off his new album, Metropolis; inspired by the Fritz Lang classic and the anime remake– the man has good taste.


My name is MR:B hailing from Ann Arbor, MI. I’ve been a rapper/producer for 4 years.


I write for that kid with headphones on who’s failing school.


I speak for the kids living in trailer parks and smoking too much weed hoping they don’t die check to check.


My sound is one closely knit with rusty hip-hop, that raw, dusty vinyl, of hand crafted instrumentals.


Shout out to Airo, Cauz, and to you for downloading my mixtape…right?
To hear more music from MR:B,  visit his Soundcloud and like him on Facebook.


Special thanks to MR:B for sharing.


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