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REWIND: Hip-Hop Should Be LIVE. LA Duo ‘YRF’ Proves It.

I could care less about what you’re doing (or say you’re doing) in the studio– hip-hop should be live! LA hip-hop duo YRF took the stage Friday night at Los Globos on Sunset– with a LIVE BAND. Craig (aka BlakP) and Neesin (aka YC) opened up for Chief Wakil with their band at the east side club. The drummer was underage but that didn’t matter– SHE could f*&king play!

Watch a clip of YRF’s performance on <<REWIND and check out the one-on-one (well, 2) Q&A with the artists below.

REWIND: YRF at Los Globos from Swaggerless on Vimeo.

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Do You Remember Your College Commencement Speaker?

I had Vice President Joe Biden– and mad security. Honestly, I don’t remember the speech. Shout out to Syracuse University class of 2009!

Who was your college commencement speaker?  Comment below if you weren’t too hung over and were somewhat cognizant of your surroundings.

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